The War Relocation Authority (WRA) organized the removal of Japanese Americans so that members of nearby communities traveled together first to the same assembly center beginning in April, 1942, and then, when the camps were ready to occupy, to the same internment camp about six months later. Photographers hired by the WRA including Dorothea Lange, Tom Parker, and Joe McClelland documented the internment experience from leaving home to assembly and then internment as you can see in the sets of slides with the original captions that are part of this activity.

Military Exclusion zone

Assembly center

Internment camp


Leaving Home



To Start You Thinking -

  • Use the three series of slides and write several diary entries for over a period of at least two years reflecting on the internment experience documented in the photographs.

imagef fom Roger, "All Packed Up and Ready to Go," S.F. News Editorial Cartoon - March 6, 1942.
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