Internment camps were located in some of the most isolated locations in the western states. Weather extremes including heat, cold, snow, and dust were a constant fact of life. The series of maps in this activity provide a sense of the average daily temperature on a month-to-month basis at each of the ten camps.
Roll your mouse over the map for camp locations.
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To Start You Thinking -

  • 1) Roll your mouse over the map above and locate the Amache Camp in southeast Colorado. Use the arrows to advance the maps to August. What was the average daily temperature in August at Amache from 1940 to 1945?

    2) Which of the camps would have been most difficult over the course of a year temperature wise? least difficult? Explain.

maps from NOAA/ESRL Physical Sciences Division, Boulder Colorado based on data from NCDC, 1994, Time Bias Corrected Divisional Temperature-Precipitation-Drought Index.
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